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This is the website of the Lether family, part of our family is called Leether.
Until today we could find back our pedigree until 1622 in Solms Braunfels, in the German state of Hessen. This year is the probable date of birth of Johannes Löder, who is buried in 1708 in nearby Weilburg. His age is mentioned in the records of the Lutheran church, so I came to 1622. But Johannes and his family appears not to have been born or married there. So they came from somewhere else. Johannes was a soldier-tailor, so he probably served as a professional soldier in the army of the Count of Solms-Braunfels (a countess from that family later marries Dutch prince Frederik Hendrik of Orange-Nassau).

The family moved to nearby Weilburg and in 1703 Caesar Christoph Löder was born there. Serving there as ‘stadtpfeifer' (say a city musician playing wind instruments) he has no fewer than 10 children. One of them is Heinrich Daniel Loeder / Löther / Leether / Lether, born in 1749. Forty years later he became engaged and married in the Dutch town of Brummen (near Zutphen) and became the ancestor of the current Dutch and American Lether's.
At the beginning of 1900 the first Dutch Lether's emigrated to the United States of America, but at that moment there are - but I founded that out later - people who bear our name. Where they come from is still unknown. Our name is also common in the United Kingom. At the moment no connection has been found between us and the English namesakes. The same applies to the namesakes in France. Some of them were even born before 1622. In short, the search continues.

But come in …

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