Born Braunfels 12 March 1700 (Braunfels Churchbook 1, page 142) Bapt. witnesses Georg Daniel Loder, organ player and the wife of the millner of the ' Neuen M"uhl', garnizoensdrummer. Marr. in 1727 Maria Elisathe N.N., date of deat unknown.
Out of this marriage:


[*] January 7th, 1749, Nassau-Weilburg, Hessen, Germany. He's baptized at 8 January 1749 in the Lutheran Church of Nassau Weilburg by ref. Johann Casimir Weinrich. witnesses are: Heinrich Daniel Dentzer, master dough maker and Maria Elisabeth, wife of master George Christian Billinger, backer. His parents are Caesar Christoph Loeder(n)(s)/Löder (* 1703, d 17/2/1767, b 19/2/1767), profession: city musician and lackey and Anna Maria Greudler (d 22/4/1773, b 24/4/1773).; [engaged to be married] 3 October 1789, Brummen, The Netherlands; marries 25 October 1789, Brummen, The Netherlands to Aelberdina Reijs (bapt. 7 November 1756 in the Neder-duits Gereformeerde Kerk Dutch-German Reformed Church), Brummen, The Netherlands; she died December 26, 1825, Leuvenheim, The Netherlands, at the age 62 years, profession: day laborer, widow of Hendrik Redeken). Heinrich died Saturday 11 April 1807, Spankeren, The Netherlands; burr. 16 April (at the age of 58 if he was born in 1749. The death certificate however stated that he's 62, in that case he is born in 1745)
Out of Aelberdina:
We wouldn't find HD in a Dutch family (re-)naming registers because those registers where dated 1812 and 1826, while HD died in 1807.

The Neder-Duits Gereformeerde Church later became the Nederlands Hervormde Gemeente.

Heinrich Daniel dies at the age of 62 years in 1825, which should mean that he's born in 1763. Those days one wasn't aware of exact ages or dates of birth.

Aelberdina (later also written as Alberdina) was the daughter of Andries Reijs ([*] abt. 1729 in Allendorp, Oberhausen, Hessen, Germany; [x] Brummen 1/8/1754) and Geertrui Borgers ([*]Brummen 1733; [d] 21/7/1792). Aelberdina had two brothers: Johan ([*]20/10/1754) and Jacobus ([*]5/11/1760).

Before she married Heinrich Daniel she already had a daughter Anna Maria Reis, born 3 February 1789 in Brummen and baptized on 8 February 1789. Heinrich Daniel was present as a witness. In a footnote in the Baptizing Register of Brummen it is noted that she was an illegitimate child. That means that she could be a child of Aelberdina and Hendrik Redeken, born within 300 days after his death. It also could be Heinrich's before they where married.

After the death of Heinrich Daniel she married for the 3rd time, now to Willem Rensink on 24 June 1810, he was born around 1772 in Warnsveld, The Netherlands. She lives in Laag Soeren, province of Gelderland, The Netherlands then, saying she is only 40 years old, which is not true. Willem Rensink was the widower of Johanna Hagman, age 38 years. He died in 1812.

When her son, Caesar Christoph, married in 1818, she stated to the mayor that she could not read nor write. She was living in Leuvenheim, Gelderland, The Netherlands then and gave her profession as laborer. She died at the age of 62. The notice of death was done by her son, who was living in Leuvenheim. Gelderland, The Netherlands, as day laborer.