[*] Wednesday 25 May 1796, Spankeren, city of Brummen; [bapt.] Nederlands- Hervormd, Sunday 29 May 1796; [x1] 4 June 1818, age 22, Brummen to the 24 year old Gardina Berendsen ([*] Steenderen 2 January 1794 out of Harmen Berendsen and Jenneken Aalderkamps). His profession was day laborer. In the marriage register the name Caesar Christoph 'Leether' was used. Gardina dies in Brummen on 27 juni 1848. In the notification of death her father is now called Gerrit (in stead of Harmen) Berendsen, he's a day laborer.
[x2] 1 June 1850, Brummen then 53 years old in front of mayor Laurens Hofman to Gerritje Ligtenbeld (30) (* 31 december 1819) (who was pregnant at that time. If he is the father is unknown, but they do recognizes the child Theodorus as theirs). Gerritje, is the daughter of Jan Ligtenbeld Sr. ([*]Brummen 19/5/1783; [x] 11/9/1814; [d] 6/9/1864) and Maria van Apeldoorn ([*] Heerde 24/2/1785; [d] Brummen 25/11/1859) was born on Saturday 1 January 1820 in Brummen and died on Wednes day 10 July 1912 in Arnhem, The Netherlands, age 92 years and 191 days. He died in Brummen on 12 October 1861, at home in the age of 65 year and 140 days. He was a widower and without a profession, as stated in the registration of death to the mayor of the village by the town constable and Gerrit van Hesfelink, taylor. His widow Gerritje re-married Engelbert de Graaf and dies in Arnhem 9 or 10 July 1912.
Out of his 1st marriage:
According to a certificate of 30 June 1818 by the Governor of the province of Gelderland, Caesar is freed of the National Militia as the only and supporting son of his mother, widow of Heinrich Daniel. Length 5 voet 3 duim and 3 streek (old Dutch measurements). His face is blushing, the forehead high, eyes blue, nose common, mouth common, hair and eyebrow blond, chin round, pockmarked. He signs as C.C. Leether.
When he registered his 1st child he's called Caesar Christoph. With the 2nd child, he is Cesar Christoffel. Caesar was born and baptized as a Leether, he married as one, signed the militia papers as such, married with that name, and then reported all his children as the children of C.C. Lether. Between his marriage in 1818 and the registration of his first child in 1819 he changed his name to Lether. Strangely enough we do have two death certificates of him, one mentioned as a Leether and the 2nd one as Lether.
Witnesess of the marriage to Gardina Berendsen are: Willem Asfenbeek (32), Jan Ligtenbeld (35), Derk Stokkers (42), Martien Jonkers (34), John Derk Bokkert (32).
Witnesess of the 2nd marriage are: Christiaan Ligtenbeld (28) day laborer, Aalbert Meijer (54), Jacob Bosman (27) day laborer.
Gerritje's mother was Maria van Apeldoorn ([*] Heerde, The Netherlands 24/2/1785; [x] 11/9/1814; [d] Brummen 25/11/1859). Maria was a daughter of Jacobus van Apeldoorn ([*] Heerde 20/3/1750; [x] 22/9/1777) and Gerjen (or Gergjen) Floors (bapt. 14/11/1752 province of Overijssel, The Netherlands). Her parents were Teunis Floor and Geertje Gerrets. Jacobus was a son of Arend van Apeldoorn (bapt. Heerde 17/2/1725; [x] 14/2/1749) and Derkjen Boels (bapt. Heerde 14/4/1721). Arend's parents are Lammert Andries van Apeldoorn ([x] 18/1/1716) and Geertje Willems Meijering (name hard to read) ([*] Beek bergen, The Netherlands). The parents of Derkjen Boels were: Jacobus Boels (baptized Heerde 13/3/1690; [x] 2/10/1718) and Willemtjen Fops ([*] abt. Heerde 1697).
Gerritje's father was Jan Ligtenbeld ([*] Brummen 19/5/1783; [m] 11/9/1814, [d] Brummen 6/9/1864). His parents were Christiaan Ligtenbeld (abt. Brummen 1745; [x] 27/11/1779; [d] Brummen 16/9/1823) and Hendrika Pennekamp (bapt. Steenderen, The Netherlands 2/11/1749). Christiaan's parents were Jan Ligtenbeld ([x] 28/7/1743) and Gerendje Peters (bapt.) 31/8/1710). The parents of Hendrika were Peter Pennekamp ([*] abt. Toldijk, The Netherlands 1702; [x] 1727) and Aaltjen Willems ([*] abt. Steenderen 1706). (Source: LSD Salt Lake City.)
Witnesses of his 1st marriage were Willem Asfenbeek, Jan Ligtenbeld (to whose sister he married later), Derk Stokkers and Martien Jonkers.