[*] 23 August 1819 at 8 p.m., Leuvenheim. Worked as day laborer. At the age of 21, [x] 16 March 1861, Brummen to Johanna Willemina Arendina Bosman (21) (*28 September 1839), doughter of Jan Bosman (48) brick layer help and Johanna Drost. [d] Friday 24 November 1871, age 52 year and 95 days.

Out of this marriage:

When Hendrik Daniel was born, his father Caesar Christoffel was 23 and lived in Leuvenheim. Witnesses of the certification of birth were: Gerrit Aftenbeek (57) and Jacob ? (23), day laborer.

Witnesess at his marriage are: Berend Beltman (69) city civil servant, Derk Honders (54) city civil servant, Abraham Ledeboer (51) miller, Geurt Haland ??? (43) day laborer



[*] Leuvenheim, 25 September 1821 at 11 a.m. Jan worked in Brummen as a laborer, later as a journeyman and bricklayer. [x] Rheden, 20 November 1847 to Margrietha Gargoski ([*]Rheden 9/9/1823; [d] Rheden 27/8/1889, daughter of Hendrik Gargoski and Catharina Jansen. [d] De Steeg, city of Rheden, Thursday 12 April 1883, age 61 year and 198 days. Out of this marriage:
Witnesses of the registration of birth of Jan in Brummen for the sheriff and officer of City Registration were Gerrit Aftenbeek, an agriculture worker, age 60, and Jan Ligtenbeld, a day laborer (38). Gargoski is also written as Gargowski, Gargoski or Gargosky.



[*] Wednesday evening 7 May 1823 at 6 p.m. in Leuvenheim [x] Duiven/Groessen, The Netherlands 13 May 1851 Hendrica Buurkes ([*] Zevenaar 26/4/1819. She was an agriculture worker). Willem worked as a servant. [d] Duiven 10 October 1882. Out of this marriage:

Willem's father, Caesar Christoffel, was 26 when he was registered. Witnesses were Willem Asfenbeek (68) and Hendrik Cromhout (67) both agriculture worker.



[*] Leuvenheim/Brummen 7 July 1825 at 9 a.m. the certificate of birth was dated 18 July by his father Caesar Christoffel (29); He, old 24, [x] Brummen 12 November 1850 to Jenneken Klomp ([*]Apeldoorn 3/9/1826), maide, doughter of Hendrik Klomp, day laborer and Hendrika Everts. He was a day laborer. [d] Apeldoorn, The Netherlands May 1876, age 50 year and 10 months. His widow re-married on 2 March 1878 in Apeldoorn to Jan Flaschwinkel ([*] Apeldoorn 7/1820; [d] Apeldoorn 5/3/1882). They lived many years in Ede, The Netherlands.
Recognized by marriage:

Witnesses with the certification of birth: Hendrik Cromhout, land owner (67) and Derk Stokkers day laborer (48).
Witnesess of the marriage are: brother Hendrik Daniel (30) day laborer, Evert Klomp (29) day laborer, Peter Klom (27) day laborer both brothers of Jenneken and Derk ??? (24) farmer.
Gerrit served in the National Militia for 5 years in the 1st Regiment Infantery, 1824 # 18.



[*] Leuvenheim, Wednesday 30 May 1827 at 5 p.m., certification of birth in Brummen on 1 June by his father (31). His mother Gardina Berendsen was 32. His profession was wooden shoe maker. [x] Doetinchem, The Netherlands 13 May 1853 to [x1] Johanna Blumink ([*] Ambt-Doetinchem 18 October 1828; [d] Stad-Doetinchem 12 January 1864), and [x2] at 22 July 1864 to Dora Hilferink ([*]Ambt-Doetinchem 29 October 1819; [d] Stad-Doetinchem 14 January 1893). Aalbert [d] Stad- Doetinchem on 15 June 1872.
Out of 1:

Witnesses of the certification of birth were: Toon Huissinck (38) wooden shoe maker and Jan Willemszoon Grol, copersmith (28).



[*] Leuvenheim, Saturday 17 September 1831 10 p.m. On 14 March 1860 he marries Jenneke Berendsen (* Steenderen 4/8/1838; d. Steenderen 26/3/1913). Bernard dies in Steenderen on december 25th, 1883.

His father Caesar Christoffel was then 35 and mother Gardina Berendsen 36.
Out of this marriage:

Bernard was registered in Brummen on 19th for the mayor Paulus Daniel du Bois. Witnesses were: Johannes Boerstoil (?), binder (37) and Hendrikus van Dorsmolen (?) (31). .



[*] Brummen, Wednesday 24 September 1834 8 a.m. He was a farm hand when he on 20 January 1872 in Westervoort married at the age of 37 to Johanna Reijers, a maid-servant ([*]Arnhem 25/12/1842; [d] Westervoort 16/12/1916, daughter of Hendrik Reyers and Catharina Aleida Dibbets). When he registered his son Willem at city hall he stated that he was a laborer by profession. [d] Westervoort, monday 23 October 1922, age 88 years and 29 days.
Out of this marriage:

Cesar's father was 38 and still lived in Leuvenheim. With the registration at city hall he was accompanied for mayor Laurens Hoffman by two witnesses: Hendrikus van Dommelen, taylor and Antoine Jacobes Pelgrim, baker.



[*] Brummen, Wednesday 18 April 1850 at 6.30 a.m., before the marriage of his mother Gerritje Ligtenbeld, the 2nd wife of Caesar Christoph. He was born in the house of the parents of Gerritje. With this marriage he was recognized as a child of Caesar C. although it is not known if Caesar was the father. Notification of birth by Karolina Henriette Hubbers (24 years), midwife.

Theodorus was a bricklayer and later post man when he marries at the age of 24 [x] Brummen 30 January 1875 to the 28 year old Gerritjen Kets, a maid servant ([*]Hummelo and Keppel, The Netherlands, 17 August 1846; [d] Brummen 9/5/1928). She lived in Doesburg.
Theodorus died in Zutphen, The Netherlands (living in the Peppelstreet 13) on 28 December 1939. For unknown reasons this part of the family continues as 'Leether'. Out of this marriage:

Gerritjen's parents are Geurt Kets, agriculture worker (* Hummelo en Keppel March 31, 1802; d. Hummelo en Keppel June 6, 1872) who married in Rheden on March 30, 1839 to Hendrika Ligtenbeld (* Brummen July 1, 1810; d. Hummelo en Keppel December 22, 1897).

They marry for civil servant and member of the city council Jacobus Drekman.
Witnesess are: Christiaan Ligtenbeld (51) (it's stated that he is the uncle of Theodorus, I wonder if he's family of Theodorus mother in law Hendrika?), Johannes Donkers (39) foreman, Willem Wesfeling or Heffeling (37) day laborer and Derk ter Maat (56) linnen wever. Theodorus is listed in 1869 for the draft of 1870 under # 9, but doesn't have to serve since he had 4 brothers in service.
The CO of the 8th Regiment Infantery gives him marriage permission on 5 december 1874. (This regiment seems to be very populair with the Lethers. We have to others who served in it).


[*] Sunday 9 November 1851, 1 a.m. Johan was a postman. [x] Renkum, The Netherlands, 23 February 1878 to Maria van Zoest ([*]26/9/1854 Renkum/Oosterbeek, The Netherlands; [d] 31/12/1940 Salt Lake City, UT; [] 3/1/1941 Salt Lake City, UT, USA). Johan left January 18, 1920 from Rotterdam to the United States, where he arrived by the S.S. Rotterdam in New York on January 28th, 1920. In 1920 he moved to Salt Lake City. He followed his two oldest children -who already where in the US of A. He died in Salt Lake City on Sunday 20 July 1924, [] Salt Lake City 23/7/1924. Age 72 years and 254 days.
Out of this marriage:

Maria van Zoest was the daughter of Barend van Zoest ([*]Driebergen, The Netherlands 15/3/1823; [x] 2/ 7/1869; [d] Arnhem 10/7/1912) and Antje Morren, his 2nd wife ([*]Oosterbeek 6/12/1820; [d] Oosterbeek 14/12/ 1904). Barend van Zoest was married before to Evertje van der Lee. His father was Cornelis van Zoest [x] 20/3/ 1822 Mechteld van Scherpenzeel; ([*] Driebergen 9/2/1800; [d] Driebergen 20/11/1869, daughter of Rijk van Scherpenzeel and Adriantje Schuurman) and on 1/1/1857 died in Driebergen.
Antje's father was Herman Morren, ([*] Oosterbeek 18/4/178; [x] 24/4/1814 Maria Arnoldussen), her grandfather was Evert Morren, ([*]Oosterbeek 25/7/1723; [d] 11/1783), and her grandmother Gertruit Jansen ([*] Renkum 1744; [d] Oosterbeek 30/1/ 1801). Her great-grandparents were Steven Morren and Geesken Aalberts.


[*] Brummen/Leuvenheim Thursday 26 July 1855 at home on 11 a.m., born out of Ceasar Christoffel (59), day laborer, and Gerritje Ligtenbeld (35). [x] Brummen 3 December 1879 to Marie Clara van Brakel ([*] Arnhem 5/5/1854; [d] The Hague, The Netherlands 22/3/1924), daughter of Bart van Brakel and Johanna Jansen. [d] The Hague Friday 12 January 1940, age 84 years and 170 days.
Out of this marriage:

The act of birth was made up one day after the birth of F.A.K. by Pieter Hendrikus Gerritszoon, alderman of the city of Brummen. Witnesses were Aalt Boerman 49, day laborer and Hendrikus Lambertuszoon Veluwen 38, city constable.