[*] Leuvenheim 20 April 1863 at 3 p.m. He was a garderner by profession. At the age of 35 he marries 8 December 1898 [x] Geesje Bulten, then 26 ([*] Hillegersberg, The Netherlands 2/1/1872), doughter of Hendrik Jan Bulten, farmer and Wilhelmina van Enk. They lived in Ellecom, city of Rheden. [d] Ellecom 20 February 1911 at the age of 47 years. His widow re-married on 20 January 1915 in Rheden to Berend Johan Robert van Hasselt ([*] Delft, The Netherlands 3/5/1879).
Out of the 1st marriage:



[*] Brummen 13 November 1868 at 4.00 a.m. (source: 88) He was agriculture worker. [x] Brummen 24 March 1899 Aaltje Jonkers ([*] Brummen 23/9/1869). [d] Brummen 3 June 1946.
Out of this marriage:


[*] De Steeg/Rheden 24 March 1848. He was worker by profession. [x] Jacomina Christiana Lamers ([*] Rheden 22/4/1855; [d] Rheden 10/12/1933). [d] Rheden 3 December 1924.
Out of this marriage:



[*] De Steeg/Rheden 19 March 1855. He was a bleacher of profession. In Rheden on 8 May 1886 [x1] Antonia Kappers ([*] Rheden 23/4/1864; [d] Rheden 26/9/1892, daughter of Cornelis and Antonia Rabelink) and for the 2nd time again in Rheden 28 March 1896 to [x2] Johanna Hendrina Willemse ([*] Gendringen, The Netherlands 7 May 1843; [d] Rheden 22/2/1898, daughter of Hernardus Willemse and Clasina Geertruida Bouwman, widow of Cornelis Bouwman). [d] 16 March 1919.
Out of the 1st marriage:



[*] De Steeg/Rheden 11 October 1866. Transferred on 25/8/1891 to Arnhem. During the period of 1883 till 1913 he was not married in Rheden and did not die there in the period of 1866 to 1933.



[*] Duiven/Groessen, city of Zevenaar, The Netherlands 8 February 1855. He was an agriculture worker in the city of Duiven and later became even gentleman-farmer. His family bought a farm for him in Ooij, The Netherlands. [x] Duiven 2 January 1889 beneath his level with the 15 year younger Geertruida Hendrika Stijntjes (who worked as a servant, maid; [*] Steenderen 20 April 1870, daughter of Willem Stijntjes and Jantje Zandbergen [d] Zevenaar 26 July 1962; [] 30/ 7/1962 Cemetery Protestant Church Zevenaar). She becomes 92 year. [d] Zevenaar 14 or 15 November 1927, age 72 year; [] Zevenaar 18/11/1927 Cemetery Zevenaar. He was Dutch Reformed.
Out of this marriage:


[*] Brummen/Leuvenheim 23 March 1855 at 11 a.m. On 10 May 1875 he joined the army for his number with the 8th Regiment Infantry. He lived in Apeldoorn than. On 31 May 1876 his tour is finished, but he went back for additional service in the periode 7 August till 18 September 1878 with the same regiment and ended his militairy service effective 9 May 1880 (service number 66.651). He moved, going from Apeldoorn on 13 February 1878 to Rheden and married there on 9 August 1879 H.(Juda) Gargorski ([*] Rheden 19/1/1860, age 84 years; [d] Ede 30/5/1944, [] 3/6/1944 General Cemetery Ede (click here for funeral advert); daughter of Hendrik and Lubberdina Wenting). After his militairy service he worked as rail road official. He is administratively moved to Renkum on 18/8/1879 and lives for a while in Angerlo. [d] Ede (Landbouwlane 4 and 15) 20 January 1931; [] Ede 24/1/1931 at the age of 74 years.

Out of this marriage:


[*] Loenen, city of Apeldoorn 25 March 1866. [x] Apeldoorn 15 March 1890 to 1) Hendrika Klomp ([*] Loenen 14/4/1865). On May 28, 1924 he marries 2) Aaltje Tenkink (* Epe, The Netherlands 18/10/1869, d. Aalsmeer 3/7/1960, (click here for her death announcement) doughter of Jan Barend Tenkink and Jana Brummel). He dies living at the Glorialaan A19 Epe on (click here for funeral ad) 28 September 1937. Out of the 1st marriage:



[*] Loenen/Apeldoorn 14 September 1868. Shoe maker was his profession and [x] Johanna Maria van Welij ([*] Heteren 15/6/1873; [d] Renkum 5/8/1939), daughter of Jan Willem van Welij and Angenita Berdina Arissen. They lived at Aan de Beek 2 in Heelsum. He [d] at the age of 63 in Renkum/Heelsum(click here for death announcement) 25 September 1931; [b] September 29, 1931 Cemetery Doorwerth. Out of this marriage:

They celebrated their 25th anniversary in Heelsum (click here for anniversary card), living at the Beekweg 2 on December 29, 1925. (click here for thank you ad)



[*] Westervoort 3 November 1872. [x] Westervoort 21 March 1895 to Alijda Mattheus ([*] Beesd, The Netherlands 10/2/1875; [d] 28/5/1932 Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel, The Netherlands) and died in The Hague on 11 May 1962. Out of this marriage:

Hendrik was a excellent ice skater. He lived almost his whole live in Nieuwerkerk where he was a bath superintendent. From the age of 80 he lived with his oldest son, whose daughter and husband and daughter also live there.



[*] Westervoort 21 February 1875. He was a brick layer by profession. He married there on 13 June 1901 Willemina Sophia Ubing ([*] Westervoort 6 September 1876; [d] Westervoort 24 August 1954) and died there on 1 May 1962. Out of this marriage:



[*] Westervoort 11 February 1880. He was a foreman when at 23 years of age he married in Westervoort on 3 September 1903 the 22 year old Gerhardina Jansen without occupation, living in Westervoort ([*] Westervoort 23/6/1881; [d] Rheden 13/6/1951) and then under-aged daughter of Hendrik Jansen, laborer and Wilhelmina Roelofsen, without occupation, both living in Westervoort. He died on 17 September 1944 in Rheden. Out of this marriage:



[*] Brummen 4 May 1881 at 3.30 a.m. Shoe maker by profession. He moved to Zutphen and lived at the Marschweg 13 (1941), the Schamperdijkstreet 1 (1955) and at the Markt 94 (1956). He married (date and place unknown) Jantjen Hotz ([*] Brummen 31/5/1883; [d] Zutphen 24/5/1956). He died in Zutphen on 14 August 1958. Out of this marriage:



[*] Brummen 24 May 1884 at 7.30 a.m. He was painter's help and married in Brummen on 18 April 1908 to Caroliena Pieternella van Hien ([*] Deventer 13/12/1887; [d] Zutphen 10/4/1929). They lived at the Kruisenkstreet A360 later # 12 in Brummen. He died in Zutphen on 11 October 1961. Out of this marriage:

6. Hendrika Gerritjen (Riek) Leether
[*] Brummen on 2 March 1922; [x] a man called Spiegelenberg


VIIo GEURT Leether

[*] Brummen 2 September 1887 at 5.30 a.m. He was brick layer. [x] Brummen 15 August 1914 to Johanna Maria Plant ([*] Brummen 13/10/1884, [d] Brummen 26/4/1951). They both were Dutch Reformed. From 1952 they lived at the Gravenstreet 8 and from 1965 at the Wethouder Giermanstreet 28). He died in Brummen on 12 August 1967.
Out of this marriage:

Her parents where Hendrikus Plant (* Brummen June 30, 1845. He was a carpenter. [d] Brummen November 15, 1920), married in Brummen January 31, 1880 to Lammerdina Martens (* Brummen October 10, 1857). His parents where Jan Plant, day laborer (* Brummen July 26, 1805; d. Brummen July 13, 1856) married there on November 18, 1826 to Janna Maria Titia Holwarda (* Brummen August 14, 1803; d. October 2, 1883).

The parents of Lammerdina where Lamert Martens (carpenter) (* Voorst December 30, 1822; d. Brummen April 5, 1857) who married in Brummen on April 28, 1855 to Aaaltje Boerstol (* Voorst September 2, 1818; d. Brummen March 31,1886). They all where Dutch Reformed.



[*] Arnhem 4 August 1878; d. Utrecht 20 january 1949, burried Cemetary Akendam Haarlem.
He worked with the rail road. Marries in Arnhem 30 August 1899 to [x1] Willemina Christina Freriks ([*] Arnhem 26 August 1876; [d] Arnhem 14 December 1931, as daughter of Cornelis Freriks and Daadje van Betuw.
He marries in Middelburg 9 November 1934 [x2] Johanna Hendrika (Jo) van de Garde ([*] Noordgouwe 26/9/1881; d. Haarlem 19/4/1977).
She was married before to Jan Leonardus Marinus (Leo) Vermeulen ([*] Alblasserdam 3/3/1874; d. Middelburg 2/10/1926.
Justified or legitimated by marriage of parents:



[*] Arnhem 8 November 1879 on 6 p.m. He immigrated to the United States -travelling alone with the SS Noordam- leaving Rotterdam October 8th, 1904 and arriving in New York on October, 18th 1904 with $30 on him. He moves to Salt Lake City, UT where he on 3 May 1907 was baptized as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints.
(click here for marriage certificate)[x] Salt Lake City, UT, 17 August 1907 to Grada Wilhelmina (Grace) Lamers ([*] 7/9/1880 Marengen, Ooij, The Netherlands, [d] Salt Lake City, UT 4/7/1961; [] 8/7/1961 Salt Lake Cemetery), doughter of Geurt Lamers and Grada Cornelissen. Witnesses of the marriage: Frank Shepard (husband of sister Anna Garretdina) and Agnes McMillan, the wife Mormon bishop who married them). [] July 29 (City Cemetery).

His social security number was 529-01-2416, and they lived e.g. 803 North 12th street West in Salt Lake City, UT. Via number 4713995, petition number 7596 he was naturalized at the age of 59 years. On his Certif icate of Citizenship issued on 5 October 1939 its says he had blue eyes, brown hair, 5 feet and 8 inches long (1,70 meter), weight 140 pounds. John was a union member in the International Brother hood of Hod Carriers, local 113.
He worked for Dan Lewis Perkins as a brickyard at construction sites, and died in a rest home in Salt Lake City on 25 July 1963 at 6.50 a.m. (sources: Death Benefits Records 529-01-241, 19 + 22).


VIIr MARINUS (Marinas)

[*] 15 January 1887 in Arnhem On 4 May 1900 he was baptized in the Rhine river as most of his family. He immigrates to the USA, not clear at this moment is if he travelled together with his brother. [x] 24 August 1912 Laura Maud Ellis ([*] Idaho 7 November 1893; [bapt.] 26 April 1924, [d] 1984; father Boise Basin Ellis ([*] Idaho), mother Maud Helen Wheeler Ostrom ([*] Burlington, Vermont 13/2/1873) and lived at the 11th East Street, Salt Lake City, UT in a owned home. His occupation was repairing railroad cars in a rail company garage. He died on 28 April 1970.
Out of this marriage:

(sources: Death Benefits Records 528-42-1928; Social Security 1937-1993 United States; Death Benefits Records 529-05-7588; Richard 29/4/1967)


[*] 26 March 1890 in Arnhem, on 4 May 1900 LDS baptized in the Rhine. As year of immigration 1910 is mentioned. The family moved to Ogden and he was naturalized in 1910. [x] 26 July 1911 Alida Hendrika van Drimmelen ([*] 7/8/1894 Ridderkerk, The Netherlands, [ø] 21/4/1980 Ogden, Utah, USA), doughter of Jan van Drimmelem and Bertha Gezina van de Ven. The lived at 3282 South Wall Ave, Ogden, Utah in a rented house. Herman Martijn worked as a welder for the Southern Pacific Railroad. He died on lung cancer (from the welding smoke his family says) on 21 June 1949 in Ogden, Weber, Utah, where he's burried the 26th.

Out of this marriage:



[*] 5 March 1879 Arnhem, before the marriage of his parents (Fredrik Andries Karel and Maria Klara van Brakel). Unknown is if he was born out of wedlock or a pre-marriage child. His father recognized him as his child, which could mean that he was a product of a former relation of Maria Klara, his mother. Engelbertus married Johanna Elisabeth Terschegget, born in Gouda, The Netherlands on 24 October 1878 out of Coenraad Jacob Terschegget and Maria Cornelia Hoevere. Out of this marriage 9 children are born, 5 in The Netherlands and the rest in America. He was naturalized on 23 September 1920. After his divorce he re-married around 1939 a Jewish Austrian girl named Maria. His first wife Johanna reached the age of 96 and died in 1974 in Los Angeles. After his death (Detroit 1949) his second wife returns to Austria. Out of his 1st marriage:

With his Dutch wife he moves to the States at the age of 19. Back home he was a qualified typesetter. In the States he also worked as a printer in Detroit, Michigan.



[*] Arnhem 18 December 1885, [x] The Hague 13 January 1909 to Johanna Elisabeth de Bolster ([*] The Hague 28 May 1886). He died in The Hague on 10 June 1961. Out of this marriage:

He worked for the N.V. Pletterijen former L.I. Enthoven and Cie. First in The Hague and later in Delft. F.A.K. was originally hired for a period of 6 month. He stayed there for 40 years. He was a model maker (in city registration his occupation as carpenter was mentioned) for the production of tram- \and rail road points and crossings. He also had an important part in the development and production of screw gas tanks (holders) in the Netherlands. The Pletterij also specialized in steel skeleton building, bridges (for the Government), gas- and oil tanks). The rumor goes that famous painter Vincentvan Gogh had something to do with this company. At home F.A.K. had a large collection of self made wrought iron pieces like hanging and standing lamps, baskets, candle holders, ash trays, reading matter baskets etc. His biggest hobby however was the opera. He lived in the Stuyvesantstreet 191 in The Hague. He was a typical real old fashioned Lether. A hard worker, with a particular charm, uncomfortable to sexuality, pre-posessed and not realy an educator to his children. He didn't really fit to his wife, one of his children said.