[*] De Steeg/Rheden 23 January 1883. He was a ground worker civil servant for the city of Rheden, married in Arnhem on 20 February 1907 to Elizabeth van Hattem, ([*] Buurmalsen, The Netherlands 19/7/1878, [d] Rheden 21/11/1959, daughter of Willem van Hattem and Jaantje Bouwman). He died on 6 February 1966 in Zevenaar.

Out of this marriage:



[*] Rheden 15 May 1888. Married there on 3 July 1909 to Pietje Philips, maid servant ([*] 1/10/1888 Tricht, Buurmalsen, The Netherlands, [d] ? 1973 Velp) and died on 23 February 1968 in Rheden/Velp. He was a laborer.

Out of this marriage:

There is a rumour that there is a half-sister from mothers side, a child out of a former relation.



[*] Rheden 8 April 1893, named after his brother who died very young. From his BS card one can read that he was a low paid helper, and between his occupations you see he was often out of work. He started as a car mechanic, then became a technical civil servant, was then without work, and again was a technical civil servant. Gorinchem, The Netherlands 16 August 1918 [x1] Sara van Heiningen [*] Rheden 22 March 1896). [ř] 24 April 1936. Sara died in Rotterdam in 1981. One month after the divorce Rotterdam 13 May 1936 [x2] Jannigje Elke Voormolen ([*] Rotterdam 27/8/1899). Christiaan died in Leiden on 11 August 1984.

Out of this marriage:



[*] Rheden 1 March 1896. [x] Rheden 19 December 1925 Martha Gezina de Winkel ([*] Arnhem 1/6/1899, [d] Rheden 6 August 1963). Johan was a factory worker. [d] Rheden 19 June 1978.

Out of this marriage:



[*] Velp, Rheden 19 November 1888. Left as a soldier to Indonesia, not known if he volunteered or was drafted for his number. He was an armorer. On 5 May 1920 he married in Djokjakarta a Javanese woman Shukimi or Sukijem ([*] Indonesia 15/6/1890, daughter of Bangsa Di Krama and Walem). During the Japanese occupation in WW II he was a POW and died there on 21 June 1942 probably due to hunger and ill-treatment. He is buried at an Indonesian military Cemetery in Soerabaya.

Out of this marriage:



[*] Duiven/Groessen, The Netherlands 12 May 1889. He married in Westervoort on 2 September 1909 Fenneke Siebelink ([*] Westervoort 21/ 11/1890, [d] Zevenaar 4/11/1977, 3.05 pm). She was a niece of Fenneke Siebelink who married Jan Willem, and a daughter of Hermanus Siebelink and Grada Christina Demkes. His occupation was factory worker in a brick factory. He died on the age of 52 in Zevenaar on 14 June 1941, 10 a.m. [] 18/6/1941 Dutch Protestant/Nederlands Hervormde Cemetery Zevenaar).

Out of this marriage:



[*] Zevenaar 4 September 1894. He married on 12 February 1920 in Angerlo to Nella Johanna (Neeltje) Assink ([*] Angerlo, The Netherlands 2/10/1897, [d] Doesburg 26/11/1980). He was an agricultural worker, later inspector at Menken Milk. He died in Angerlo on 19 March 1972. He belongs to the Dutch Reformed Church.

Out of this marriage:



[*] Zevenaar 16 November 1896, he was a head mechanic. [x) Angerlo 22 April 1920 with Fenneke Siebelink ([*] Angerlo 26/1/1897, [d] Gorinchem 29/ 9/1979, [] 3/10/1979 General Cemetery Gorinchem a nice of Fenneke who is married to Wilhelmus Johannes (Vf). She became 82 years). [d] Gorinchem 20 September 1961, [] 23/9/1961 General Cemetery Gorinchem).

Out of this marriage:

From Giesbeek Jan Willem moved with wife and 3 sons in 1929 to Gorinchem. They lost their only daughter. Son Martinus played as a child already with toy planes and radios. It was logical that he later joined the RLD Rijks Luchtvaart Dienst (Department of Civil Aviation).



[*] Zevenaar/Duiven 4 October 1898. [x) Westervoort 1 August 1929 to Hermina (Mies) Siebelink, ([*] Westervoort 1/10/1902, [d] Arnhem 14/1/1963, [] 18/1/ 1963 General Cemetery Westervoort). Hermina was the sister of van Fenneke who married Vh. Cornelis was a car demolisher and died on 19 December 1976 in Westervoort at the age of 78 year.

Out of this marriage:

Cornelis was a technician working for BPM (Bataafsche {Petroleum Maatschappij) and was transferred to Indonesia. He later worked as a car dealer. In his twentieth year he moved to Indonesia. Mies followed later, but before then they married with the glove, a proxy ceremony where he was in Indonesia and she in the Netherlands.



[*] Zevenaar 20 August 1901, [x) Lobith/Angerlo 4 August 1927 (and in church Dutch Protestant Church Angerlo) Reindina Lusink ([*] Angerlo 17 August 1901, [d] Deventer 19 June 1977). She became 75 years and he died at the age of 76 in Deventer on 15 March 1978.

Out of this marriage:

As a young civil servant he lived in Lobith with the parents of Berend Jan. After this family left he stayed in Lobith but moved eventually to Deventer. There he worked as head customs clerk at the Direct Taxes Department, Insert Duties and Excises.



[*] Zevenaar 19 June 1903. He married there on 20 April 1933 to Louisa Alida (Ali) van Hussel ([*] 21/2/1906 Steenderen, [d] 16/4/1986 Zevenaar, [] 21/4/1986 Protestant Cemetery Zevenaar, daughter of Gerrit Hendrik van Hussel and H.W. Jansen). He died at the age of 80 in Zevenaar on 13 October 1983; [] 18/10/ 1983 Protestant Cemetery Zevenaar). He lived in a farm, with his grandmother.

Out of this marriage:



[*] 18 December 1909. [x) Zevenaar 17 October 1946 (as well as in the Nederlands Hervormde Church) Johanna Catharina (Anna) van Weess ([*] Westervoort 22/12/1910, [d] Zevenaar 18/12/1989). He died in Zevenaar on 28 January 1996 and was cremated on the 31st in closed family circle. Out of this marriage:



[*] Ede 26 April 1900. [x) De Bilt, The Netherlands 10 July 1931 Maria Johanna van Lunteren ([*] De Bilt 25/6/1907, [d] 4/11/1989, daughter of the then deceased Willem van Lunteren and Maria Veenendaal. He died in De Bilt on 4 February 1962.

Out of this marriage:



[*] Oosterbeek/Renkum 25 April 1892. [x) Arnhem 15 March 1922 Trijntje Meerburg ([*] Alblasserdam 10/5/ 1897, [d] Arnhem 10/3/1953). She was married before to Van der Bosch, out of which marriage a daughter was born. She became Gerrit Jan's step daughter. His occupation was laborer with the city of Rheden. He died in Rheden on 11 April 1967.



[*] Renkum 1 September 1898. [x) Assen, The Netherlands 18 September 1928 to Pieterdina van IJsselmuiden ([*] 15 March 1899 Slochteren, The Netherlands; [d] 11 October 1989 Rijswijk), daughter of Hendrik van IJsselmuiden ([*] 13/10/1868 Norg) and Albertje Penning ([*] 10/12/1867 Assen)). He died on 16 September 1970 in The Hague.

Out of this marriage:

First he worked as a brakeman with Dutch Rail and later as head signalman.



[*] Westervoort 9 July 1895. [x) Nieuwerkerk aan de IJssel, The Netherlands, 13 December 1918 to Neeltje van Rij ([*] Nieuwerkerk aan de IJssel 30 January 1894, [d] Moerkapelle 6 October 1971). He died in Gouda on 28 October 1977.

Out of this marriage:

Johan Christiaan worked for Dutch Rail, first as a telegraph operator and later as assistant stations services. This means that the family moved quite a bit. Till 1925 they lived in Nieuwerkerk and returned there in 1940. In 1941 they moved to The Hague. Aleida, her husband and daughter lived in with her parents, and in 1953 the 80 year old grandmother joined them till her death.



[*] Westervoort 30 June 1903. He married there on 22 October 1931 Elisabeth Post ([*] Oosterhesselen 5/11/1902). Willem was a bricklayer. He died on 2 October 1991 in Westervoort.

Out of this marriage:



[*] Westervoort 8 February 1907. First he worked as a bridge laborer, later as a construction painter and finally as a laborer in general service 1st class municipal worker. He married on 5 June 1935 in Arnhem Franziska Schrenk ([*] Hausmening, Germany 11/4/1911; d. 18/1/1977) and died in Arnhem on 29 February 1964. They lived at the Heemskerckstreet 48 Arnhem.

Out of this marriage:



[*] Westervoort 5 October 1913. He married in Arnhem on 12 July 1946 to Jacoba Dina Catharina Delsink ([*] Elst 7/5/1919). He was a brick layer. Willem died in Rheden on 9 February 1985 and is buried the 13th.

Out of this marriage:



[*] Brummen 1 October 1908. [x) Aalten, The Netherlands 18 August 1932 to Hendrika Aleida Oberink ([*] Aalten 23/8/1909, d. Gennep 19/5/2001, c. Nijmegen 22/5/2001). He first lived in Curacao, he was a boatswain with the Royal Dutch Navy and worked later as a detective with the Railroad Police. In 1939 he lived at the Weurtscheweg 94 in Nijmegen and moved in 1954 to Wolfheze #2 in Renkum where he died on 17 January 1965.

Out of this marriage:



[*] Brummen [x) The Hague.

Out of this marriage:



[*] Arnhem 18 September 1903. He first worked as an office clerk and later as a trade agent. [x1] Amsterdam 22 September 1926 to Alma Johanna Busse ([*] Oberhausmash, former East Germany 5/10/1905, [d] 6/12/1991 Amsterdam. [d] Amsterdam 19 March 1937). [x)2 Amsterdam 17 September 1942 Johanna Thomaske Radersma ([*] Amsterdam 9/7/1907, [d] Baexem, The Netherlands 19/11/1975). He died on 12 June 1979 in Rotterdam.

Out of the 1st marriage:



Born on 12 October 1909 in Salt Lake City, UT. He was an engine driver when he married on 10 October 1928 to Hazel Ruth Jones ([*] Salt Lake City 25/8/1910 who use to work in a bakery shop). He died on 8 October 1986 in Norwalk, California and is buried on Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, Ca.

Out of this marriage:

The painting between John's family was painted by Majorie.



born on 8 October 1911 in Salt Lake City, UT. On 23 June 1930 he married there Doris Driffel Pennock ([*] Devilalide, Morgan, Utah 12/5/1913, [d] Woodland, California 2/5/1986). He died in Woodland on 19 april 1969 and was burried on the 22nd at Murry Cemetery in Murry Utah.

Out of their marriage:



[*] Salt Lake City, UT 25 september 1913. He was a plumber of profession. On 1 June 1934 he married in Salt Lake City, UT Helene D. Freeman ([*] Salt Lake City, UT 18/5/1914, wife of Vy">[d] Arcadia, California 14/7/1975, [] Forrest Lawn Memorial Park, Covina Hills, CA. 17/9/1975). He died in Arcadia on 7 May 1992 and is buried on the 12th at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Covina Hills, CA.

Out of this marriage:



[*] Salt Lake City probably 21 December 1912 and died 23 December 1996.
Out of this marriage:



*) Salt Lake City 13 July 1914, d. Salt Lake City December 1977. Out of his marriage:

1. KELLY MARTIN (follow IXkk)



The 2nd name Boise comes from the then biggest city of the state Idaho. They were the 1st pioneers in that state and that is the reason he had this name. However its also a name of his grandfather from mothers side. He's married.

Out of this marriage:



Marries 30 September 1923 N.N. Out of this marriage:



*) Salt Lake City (No further information available)


born 26 June 1912 in Ogden, Utah. He married on April 28, 1934 Naomi Armstrong born there on 31 January 1913. He died on 4 December 1994.

Out of this marriage:



born 17 April 1918 in Ogden. Married 14 June 1940 in Salt Lake City, UT Helen Van Dyke ([*] Ogden 30/10/1919). He dies age 81 years in Las Vegas 12 April 2000.

Out of this marriage:



Had 3 children:



(no birth or marriage information)



born on 19 October 1920 in Deanboon, Detroit. He married 24 June 1944 in Silver Springs Addie Lee of Lumberton, NC. (b. Greensboro, NC, VS 29 May 1925; d. Sequim, WA 29 October 2017. He died 12/24/1996.

Out of this marriage:



[*] The Hague. [x1] Suzanna (Suze) van Werkhoven [x2] Catharina (Tine).

Out of this marriage:

At his baptizing his peter is Petrus Antonius Brons and meter is Maria de Bolster, probably a sister of his mother. Frits worked till 1945 in the drawing department of the company 'De Pletterijen' where his father worked too. Together with his youngest brother he formed Lether Steelconstructions in Voorburg that later moved to Gouda. At a later date he sold his company and moved to France but returned to The Netherlands in the 1990's.



[*] The Hague. Married in The Hague 30 August 1944 [x1] Clasina (Sini) Martinus Pepers (who was a hair dresser, [*] Breda 6 August 1922, [d] The Hague 25 September 1971, daughter of Franciscus Gerardus Pepers ([*] Leeuwarden 5/2/1895) and Petronella Maria Verschuren ([*] Oudenbosch 20/12/1893) and [x2] Trudy G.H. Died Oktober 19, 2004; age 87 years.

Out of 1:

Peter Daniel studied at the Academy for Fine Arts at the Prinsessegracht in The Hague. He worked as an apprentice at the retailstore De Bijenkorf (see picture) and later as scenery designer at the Haagsch Modehuis (fashion house). He designs advertisings, created shop windows and even public relations for this company, who had -under different names- other subsidiaries in the country. After WO II he started his own advertising agency. In 1960 he moved his family from the Stuyvesantstreet to the Regentesselane.



[*] The Hague, baptized meter was Maria de Bie. Married to Jans J. He died in Koekange, The Netherlands on August 19, 1998.

Out of this marriage a daughter:

Before Jan formed Lether Steelconstructions with his older brother, he worked at the administration dept. of De Pletterijen, where his father and oldest brother also worked. He also was sales rep for Pander Interiors in The Hague and sold houses for Eurowoningen. In Brielle, The Netherlands he started 'Lether Agenturen', originally as an agent for furniture companies, and later he was in the real estate business for a Swiss building constructor selling villas in Spanje and Majorca.