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Many people who go in search of their origin often do so because they have the illusion, hope or indication to descent of a famous person or nobility. Whole groups of people want and/or can demonstrate that they are descended from Charlemagne; there are even special news groups for Charlemagne. Sometimes, indeed someone has a noble family, but often that is not the case. In our own family it was rumored that we came from Polish lower gentry or even purporting from gypsies. To date, we do not go beyond a Johannes Löder, tailor and soldier, who was born in about 1622 and was buried in Braunfels, Germany on November 2, 1708. In short, no gypsies, no nobility, no Polish descent.

Another reason why people begin genealogical research is hoping to get behind a coat of arms. In The Netherlands each one is free to take a coat of arms as long as one does not act negligently with respect to others who already carry a particular family crest. In The Netherlands there are more civilian - (45,000) than noble weapons or crests (600). The law in The Netherlands by conducting a crest can be called a common law. Which means that one should not use an existing crest, unless it can be shown that one is in the line of the person who carried the weapon first. The adoption and implementation of a crest of any existent family is punishable under the Civil Code (Article 6: 162, formerly Article 1401) as being an unlawful act.

In 2015 I asked heraldicus Hans Nagtegaal of Heraldic Bureau Nagtegaal in Delft for advice. He use to work for the Central Bureau of Genealogy (CBG). Now selfemployed he still works for the CBG but for the High Council of Nobels too.
He studied our family historie. Advisory, he said that it is a heraldic use to incorporate into a family crest the profession or occupations of the owners or ancestors.

Well, looking at the first generations of our family, we see:

I Johannes Löder - tailor and soldier
IIa Johannes Löder - soldier-drummer
IIb Martin (us) Löder / Leder - soldier-drummer
IIc Georg Daniël Löder / Loether - organ player in Greifenstein
IIc2 Johann Henrich Loeder - musician and former assistant city piper
IIIa Martin Löder - drummer
IIIb Caesar Christian Christoph Löder / Löder / Leder - at the various baptizing -descriptions of his children, he is called oboist 1735 + 1737, court musician and footman in 1741, court and city musician 1742, musician 1742 + 1744, city musician in 1746, 1749, 1750 , 1753, 1767; Thurner (?) and musician in 1750 in Weilburg.
IVa Georg Henrich Löder - garrison drummer
and finally the first Löder who comes to the Netherlands and is the forefather of the Dutch and American Lether's:
IVb Heinrich Daniël Loeder / Lother / Leether / Lether - day laborer

What stands out from this list of professions are the first profession, tailor and afterwards that they had to do a lot with drums.

It is very customary in heraldry to also describe a weapon, it is called emblazon. The description of our new family coat of arms reads:

Weapon: Twill wise sections
A: two in blue gold drums with red edges, silver skins and black ropes;
B: in gold an open blue scissors.
Crest: a hatching beholding golden lion, red tongue and nailed a reverse leafy branch with four fruits, all in green in his raised right claw.
Tarpaulins: blue, lined with gold.

A weapon consist of a hereditary or essentially immutable, colored insignia on a shield. This shield can then be dressed up with a shield cover in the form of a helmet, sheet and crest.

We see in the crest a tailor's or sartorial scissors and two drums. I also wanted some sort of recognition for Brummen and Nassau using the lions. Heraldically a good solution has been found. On the helmet a Nassau lion in his claw a reverse leafy branch with four fruits, keeps everything in green, being the link with Brummen.
Finally, there was some discussion about the spelling of our last name with one 'e' and two 'e's. He finds the solution not so nice. Both names were not an option. He advised me to put the name of the applicant under the arms and in the text of its certificate of authenticity that the carriers named Leether are also allowed to use this weapon. I did not like that for that part of our family, reason why I've chosen for the coat as seen all over this site. Since Leether and Löther are mentioned in the certificat underneath this problem is tackled.

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