What does the family name Lether mean ?

Ever since I can remember, people who hear our name for the first time have been asking if we are from England. You get that when you have a "th" in your name. Until recently I have not known either. But then -begin 2021- you come across a site about German family names.

Miraculously, the names Loder and Lother appear in this overview. According to that site, the main meaning is the name after the profession in (Middle High German) lodære, lotter, loose, reckless, frivolous, tenant and woolenweber. A woolen weber - in English, a wool weaver – someone who makes "loden". Loden is a fabric of Tyrolean origin. It is a waterproof, shorthaired wool fabric, first produced by farmers in Austria. The fabric is made from the raw, oily wool of mountain sheep and has a traditional blue-green color. The name is derived from the Middle High German 'lode' or from Old High German 'lodo', which means 'coarse cloth'. We Dutch know the fabric from so called loden -often green- coates.

To produce loden, strong yarns are woven into a cloth. This cloth then undergoes a lengthy process in which the fabric shrinks and becomes more and more compact. In the end, it takes on a feltlike texture. Subsequently, the fabric is brushed several times so that it acquires good heat insulation, flexibility, wind proofness and durability.
Lother is a phonetic and written variant.
In Middle English there is a designation according to profession lōder (baggage) porters, ship loaders.

Is it so strange - looking at the professions of our oldest known ancestors (tailor) - to make the preliminary conclusion that our family name comes from people who made loden?
I do not think so.

The site apparently also offers a historical proof of name, i.e., of a Thidericus Loder 1339. It should appear in Hanover Source reference of Brechenmacher, 1960, page 201. Unfortunately, I cannot find it there. That would be something if we can go back from 1610 to 1339.

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