Questions / vragen

Family members with off spring are in capitals. If one is divorced the name of former spous is between brackets, unless the person is re-married, in that case name of partner(s) is/are seperated by a slash /. Sometimes you'll notice missing question numbers. This means that the question is answerred.

Gezinsleden met nageslacht zijn in hoofdletters geschreven. Als iemand gescheiden is, staat de naam van de voormalige partner tussen haakjes, tenzij de persoon opnieuw is getrouwd, in dat geval wordt de naam van de partner (s) gescheiden door een schuine streep /. Het kan zijn dat u soms ontbrekende vraagnummers ziet. Dit betekent dat de betreffende vraag is beantwoord.

1. When/where exactly was he born?
2. What is the family name of his wife Anna Elisabeth N.N.?
3. When/where did they marry?
4. When/where was his wife born?
5. When/where did she die?

6. When/where exactly was he born?
7. What is the family name of his wife Elisabeth(a) N.N, and is that name correct?
8. When/where did they marry?
9. When/where was his wife born?
10. When/where did she die?
11. When did he die?

IIb MARTIN(US) Löder/Leder
12. When/where exactly was he born?
13. What is the family name of his first wife Anna Juliana N.N.?
14. When/where was his first wife born?
15. When/where was his 2nd wife Elisabeth Amberg born?
16. And When/where did she die?

IIb2 Anna Catharina Löder/Leder
17. When/where did she marry
18. When/where did she die

IIc GEORG DANIEL Löder / Loether
19. When/where exactly was he born?
20. When/where exactly was his wife Anna Christina born?
21. When/where did they marry?

IIc1 Anna Margaretha Löder
23. When/where did he die?

IIc2 Johann Henrich Loeder
24. When/where was his wife Maria Christiane(a) Schlicht born?
25. When/where did she die?

IIc3 Maria Margaretha Löder/Löhder
25. When/where was her husband Alexander Bletsch born?
26. When/where did he die?

IIc5 Anna Catharina Löder
27. When/where did he die?

IIc6 Christina Philippina Löder
28. When/where did he die?

29. When/where was he born?
30. What was the family name of his wife Agnes (Agneta) N.N.?
31. When/where did they marry?
32. When/where was his wife born?
33. When did she die?
34. When did he die?

IIIa1 Maria Elisabeth Loder
35 When/where was she born?
36. When/where was her 1st husband Johann Hector Spies born?
37. When/where did she die?
38. When/where did her 1st husband die?
39. When/where was her 2nd husband Andreas Leuth born?
40. When/where did her 2nd husband die?

IIIa1.1 Martin Löder
41. Where and when did he die?

IIIa2 Catharina Elisabeth Löder
42. When/where was she born?
43. When/where was her husband Ludwig Großheimb born?
44. When/where did she die?
45. When/where did her husband die?

IIIa3 Anna Gertrud Löder
46. When/where was she born?
47. When/where was her husband Johann Georg Lüdebrandt born?
48. When/where did she die?
49. When/where did her husband die?

IIIb Caesar Christian Christoph Löder/Läder/Leder
50. When was his wife Anna Marie Greudler / Kreutler /Kreitler born?

IIIb1 Johann Georg Läder
51. When did he die?

IIIb2 Johann Anthon Leder(s)
52. When did he die?

IIIb3 Marie Margaretha Loeder
53. Did she marry after her illigitimate child?
54. To whom?
55. When/where?
56. When/where was he born?
57. When did she die?
58. When did he die?

59. When/where did he die?
60. When/where did he marry?
61. What was the family name of his wife Maria Elisabetha N.N.?
62. When/where was she born?
63. When/where did she die?

IVa1 Johann Wilhelm Henrich
64. When/where did he die?

IVa2 Name? Löder
65. What was childs gender and what was his/her firstname?
66. When/where did he or she die?

IVb HEINRICH DANIEL Loeder(n)(s)/Löther/Leether/Lether
67. When did Heinrich Daniel Löther left Nassau Weilburg
68. When exactly did he came to The Netherlands?
69. What is his wife Aelberdina Reiss doing before her marriage with H.D. in Amsterdam?
70. When/where was her 1st husband Hendrik Redeker born?
71. Where and when did he die?
72. What happened to her fiancee and possible husband Jacobus Balieve in Amsterdam?
73. Is the child that dies 6 november 1788 in Brummen the in Amsterdam born Anna Sovia Redeker ?
74. When/where was Aelberdina's 3rd husband Willem Rensink born?

VIg6 Herma Catharina Lether
85. Born Westervoort, The Netherlands 23 september 1882. Dies shortly after birth. When did she die exactly?

VIh2 Wendelina Christina van Arragon - Lether
86. When/where was Hendrik Jan van Arragon born?
87. When/where was Willem Klein Kranenbarg born?

VIIf3 Gerrit Lether
90. Where/when did his wife Johanna Achterberg die?

VIIf10 Willemina Lether
91. She dies only 20 years old. Why, how?

VIIi2 Johanna Reindina Verkaaik / Block - Lether
93. When/where did her 2nd husband Pieter Henderik Block die?

VIIm5 Dirk Jan Leether
94. Who is a D.J. Roethof, living at the Sumatrastraat 61 in Zwolle, who was mentioned by him as a relative?

VIIm6 Hendrika Gerritjen (Riek) Spiegelenberg - Leether
95. What was the firstname of her husband?
96. When/where was he born?
97. When/where did they marry?
98. Where and when did he die?

VIIn2 Theodorus Hendrikus Leether
99. Where and when did his wife Aleida Geertruida Reusink die?

100. In Cesar Christoffel Barend's 2nd marriage to Johanna Hendrika van de Garde, he had 2 step children (VIIo6 and VIIo7). Are they step children or where they adopted, with which they became a Lether?
101. Why is VIIo6 mentioned as Nicolaas Michiel Walraven Vermeulen and his sister as Janna Wilhelmina Jacoba Vermeulen?

VIIIb6 Johanna Cornelia (Joke) Reijnders - Lether
107. When did here husband Anton Hermann Reinders died? We have Rheden between 15-29 February 2000

VIIId2 Catharina Swam - Lether
108. Is husband Johannes Frederik Swam (b. Arnhem 5/2/1926) still alive?

VIIIi1 Geertruida Hendrika van Beek - Lether
111. Is she still alive?

VIIIm2 Maria Christini Hendrikse - Lether
116. Where did she marrie August 29, 1958 Leendert Bartel Hendrikse?
117. When/where was he born?

VIIIn1 Poulina Elisabeth (Lether) Post - van den Bosch
118. Where did she marry on 22 november 1939 J.D. Post
119. Where/when was he born?

VIIIr1 Wilhelmine Sophia (Helly) de Kruijf - Lether
120. Marries Arnhem May 7, 1957 Wim de Kruijf. When/where was he born?

VIIIs5 Gerhardina Wilhelmina Hulshof - Lether
121. Where/when was husband Gerrit Hendrik Hulshof born?

VIIIs7 Hendrik Jan Lether
122. Married to Henny Beckers, where? And when exactly 1990 or 1991?

VIIIz3 Anne Thomas - Lether
129. When exactly was she born in 1936

VIIIaa1 Nancy Elisabeth Smith / Baynes - Lether
131. When/where did she married a guy called Smith?
133. Where/when was he born?
134. When/where did she married her 2nd husband Harry Baynes?
135. Where/when was 2nd husband Harry Baynes born?

VIIIff1 Virginia Ruth Garcia - Lether
149. When/where did she marrie Sebero Garica ?

VIIIgg FREDERIK (Frits) Lether
152. When/where did he marrie met Ruth M. Johnson?

IXb1 Gerdina Hermina Wieland - Lether
153. What is his first name?
154. When/where is he born?

IXc1 Johanna Marie (Joke) ? - Lether
155. What is the family name of her husband Leen?
156. Where and when was her husband born?
157. When/where did they marry?

IXc2 Marianne Cornelia (Ria) ? - Lether
158. What is the family name of her husband? Joop
159. Where and when was her husband born?
160. When/where did they marrie?

IXd2 Margaretha Sophia Hommers - Lether
161. Is this date of death Haarlem 21 July 1991 correct ?

IXf2 Annemarie Kooij - Lether
162. When/where married?
163. Where and when was Jens born?

IXf3 Johanna Nicola van der Stelt - Lether
164. When/where did she marry?
165. When/where was here husband born?

IXi3 Jeanette Matza / Lustig - Lether
167. Re-marries Larry, where and when?
168. Where and when was he born?

IXk2 Enith Olga Dorine Dupuis / Coolegem - Lether
172. Where did she marrie 1st husband ?
173. What where his first names?
174 What where the first names of 2nd husband?

IXn4 Wilhelmina (Wilma) Heimgartner - Lether
175. When/where married Hans?
176. When/where was he born?

IXo2 Maria Johanna (Marianne) Biesma - Lether
177. Where was husband Egbert born?

IXp2 Greetje Marjoleintje van Rijn - Lether
178. When/where was husband Louis Petrus Valentijn Marien born?

IXq2 Jan Willem (Janwim) Lether
179. Date and place 2nd marriage?

IXq4 Fenneke van Tuil - Lether
180. Where/when was husband Dirk M. (Erik) born?

IXr2 Cornelia (Lia) Lether
181. When/where was partner Peter born?

IXs Anne Marie Helene Lether - van der Pol
182. When/where is her husband born?

IXs1 Anke Fredirika Dietz - Lether
183. Where/when was husband John born?

IXs2 Wilma Reindina Schoenmakers - Lether
184. When/where was her husband Ruud H.T. born?

IXu Elisabeth (Lies) Wilhelmina Maria Lether - Geenacker
185. Where was she born?

IXu1 Maria Johanna (Miranda) Scholten - Lether
186. Where did she marrie?
187. When/where was her husband Michiel born?

IXu2 Elisabeth Bernedine (Susan) Lether
188. What is the family name of her partner?
189. When/where was he born?

IXw HENDRIK (Henk) Lether
190. Exact date of death of his wife?

IXw1 Marijke Maria Lether
191. Where/when was partner Geja J.W. born?
192. Where did they marry?

IXx3 Tatjana Hol - Lether
193. Where was husband Ton born?

IXy1 Pauline Spekle - Lether
194. When/where is husband Marinus Antonius (Rene) born?
195. Where did they marrie?

IXbb1 Edith Elisabeth Smoorenburg - Lether
198. When did she marrie Dick?

IXbb2 Ingrid Harmina N.N. - Lether
199. When/where married to Robert N.N.?
200. Where/when was he born?

IXbb3 Astrid van der Heijden - Lether
201. Where was husband Marcel L. born?

IXdd1 Theodorus Henricus Antonius (Theo) Leether
202. What is family name of partner Leni?
203. When/where was she born?

IXhh1 Emily Hanna Blanchard - Lether
205. When/where did they marry?
206. When/where was her husand born?

IXhh2 Tracy Lynn Lether
207. Is she married to Robin, if so where/when?
208. When/where was he born?

IXmm RICHARD (Dick) Tebbs Lether
216. What is the family name of his 1st wife Genevieve?
217. Where/when was she born?
218. Where/when did they marry?
219. When divorced?
220. Where/when was Tina Lucille born?

IXmm2 Shelli (Lawrence) - Lether
221. Where did she marry?
222. Where was her husband born?

224. Where/when married?
226. When/where was spous Jennette NN born?
227. When/where was his 2nd wife Joshepine born?
229. What is the name of his 3rd child?
230. Where/when was it born?

IXrr2 Bonnie E. (Johnson) - Lether
242. Where/when was Rodney born?

243. When/where did he marry Diane?
245. When/where did he marry Alice?
246. When was Alice born in the Netherlands?
247. What is familyname of Latricia N.N.?
248. Where/when was she born?

IXss2 Michele Lynn Cook - Lether
250. What day and wher is her husband born?

IXuu2 Annabel (Boerma) - Lether
251. Where/when was Junin born?

IXvv1 Wouter Lether
252. Where/when married to Mirthe?

253. When/where was Grada Johanna Maria Janssen born?
254. He marries 18 June 1958 where?

Xb1 Maria Margaretha Elisabeth (Maaike) Lether
255. Where/when was her partner born?

Xd1 Max Marcel junior Lether
256. Where born?

257. Where was his 2nd wife Cindy Ann born?

Xf DANIEL ANTHONY (Danny) Lether
260. Where/when married to Lauri?
261. Where/when was she born?
262. Where/when married to Tina?
264. Where/when married to Rhonda
265. Where/when was she born?

Xf2 Daniel Hendrick Lether
267. Where/when born?

268. When/where was Maria Antonia Lamberta born?
269. Where/When was Maria Anna Josephina Hendrika (Rianne) born?

270. When/where was Adrianna Johanna born?

Xj1 Iris Tieman - Lether
271. When/where was husband Baldus Johannes born?

Xm2 Françoise Monique (Monique) (van der Broek) - Lether
272. When/where was ex-husband Wim born?

Xp FRANCISCUS (Frans) Lether
273. Where was wife Anja born?

274. Where was spous Marianne born?

Xr2 Chynouck Titania Bellana Lether
275. Where was she born?

Xt2 Remie Lether
276. Where was she born?

Xv David Ryan
277. What year was Rani B. born?

Xx Trenton Kelly
278. What is the status of Natalie Anne B. ?
279. What is exact marriage date with Kristi Lynn B. ?

Xw1 Camryn Courtney Lether
280. Where was she born?

281. Born where?

Xaa1 Emma Lether
282. Born where and when?

Xaa2 Dallin Damion Lether
283. Born where and when?

Xbb GEOFFREY (Jeff) Lether
284. Married When/where?
285. Born When/where?

Xbb1 Adam Lether
286. Born When/where in 1999?

Xbb2 David Lether
287. Born When/where in 2003?

Xbb3 Anna Grace Lether
288. Born When/where in 2008?

Xee Gregory A.
289. When/where was Lindsey born?
290. When/where was Jessica J. wife of Derrick born?
291. When/where was Amanda NN wife of Jared born?
292. What is her maiden name?
293. Where/when did Stephanie R. Jonathan H.?
294. When/where was he born?

295. Family name of his first spous Josephine?
296. Where/when was she born?
297. Where/when did they married?
298. They seem to have two daughters. More info?

Xdd2 Jared Lether
299. Married to Amanda, where/when?
300. Where/when was she born?

Xdd3 Derick Lether
301. Born where?

Xdd4 Stephanie Lether
302. More info available?
303. Married to Jonathan, where/when?
304. Where/when was he born?

Xdd5 Lindsey lether
305. More info available?

306. Married to Quyet. Where/when?
307. When/where born?

Xgg1 Thomas Lether
308. When/where born?

309. When/where was Irma born?

XIc Wesley
310. Where/when did he marrie Reneé?
311. Where/when was she born?

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