The story about Lether

This web site contains the genealogy of the Le(e)ther Family. It describes the Dutch and American Le(e)thers. It all started around 1750 when the German Heinrich Daniel Löther arrived in the Netherlands. The name Löther is mentioned in the marriage register of the Dutch Reformed Church in Brummen, near Arnhem.
This register doesn't exist anymore, but a substract of the register was found in the Archives of the Province of Gelderland, The Netherlands.

In 2000 we've found a official link between Heinrich Daniel Lether of Brummen and a Heinrich Daniel Löther we've found in Nassau Weilburg, Germany. His father Caesar Christoph Löther was 'stadspfeifer' or city trumpetter of the city of Weilburg, so he was on the pay roll of the count of Nassau-Weilburg.
In 2001 we found his letter of appointment city trumpetter in the archives of the County of Solms-Braunfels (nearby Weilburg).
His father (who is Heinrich Daniëls grandfather) was also found in Solms Braunfels. He was a soldier - tailor, but he and his wife weren't born there. Unfortunately, of simple soldiers hardly registers were kept. In combat/War, the men often fell with such quantities that it was not worth the effort of them to impose name lists. That makes it difficult to come back further. The wait is on a fluke.

Solms Braunfels

In 1789 Heinrich Daniel married Aelberdina Reijs. We've only found a registration of birth of their 2nd child (the 1st and 3rd died very young),
Caesar Christoph. He was registered as a son of Leether (so written with two 'e's). Between the marriage of son Caesar and the birth of his first child the second 'e' in the name Lether disappears again.
All of his 14 children are registered as a child of Lether. Nevertheless, one branche however lives further as 'Leether'.

Most information on living family members is limited due to privacy reasons.
Family and other persons with in interest in the family can request the web master by mail for the complete information.

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